Dear Fellow Credit Union Member:

54% of Americans say credit unions are the best place for middle class people to deposit their money.

I agree! That’s why I’m a proud member of a credit union.
On November 8th, Americans will elect the 45th President of the United States. Credit unions around the country are joining together to make sure the voices of our members are part of the national discussion as the candidates debate their plans for the economy.
Let me be clear: Credit unions are not endorsing or promoting any candidate in the Presidential election. We simply want the next administration to understand and support the mission of credit unions and the integral role we play in growing a stronger middle class.
We have an exciting opportunity to put credit unions directly onto the presidential debate stage and into the national spotlight. The Open Debate Coalition launched a new website that allows citizens to submit and vote on questions for the next presidential debate. If this question about credit unions receives enough votes, ABC and CNN moderators will consider it for the next Presidential Debate on Sunday, October 9. It must finish in the Top 30. We have already added a button to theMiddleClass2016 website where credit union members can vote for this question directly
While you are visiting the website, be sure to look around to learn more ways to join the conversation. Read what the candidates are saying about middle class economic issues, and especially the role of credit unions. Join in the debate by submitting comments and questions.  Just don’t forget to vote to have a credit union question posed to the Presidential candidates.
I hope you’ll take a few moments to visit our non-partisan MiddleClass2016 website today and take action. We need to make sure the next President of the United States understands the key role that credit unions play in our economy.
Let’s make sure they hear it loud and clear: Strong credit unions mean a strong middle class.
Thank you,
Kristen Prather
Credit Union Member
P.S. Please click here to support asking the Presidential candidates where they stand on providing an alternative for consumers to the big Wall Street banks.