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Do you have money sitting in your savings account? Did you know that a certificate, or CD, is a guaranteed way to give your savings a boost, putting your money to work for you. Certificates are a great way to choose how much money you set aside while selecting the term limit and locked in interest rate that fits your goals. Let’s work together to maximize your goals.

A perfect tool to help you start saving

  • Earning fantastic rates and watch your money grow
  • Minimum $500 initial deposit* to open a regular certificate
  • Convenient term limits that work for you**

Still have questions about saving money with Certificates?
Learn more about certificates with our Certificate Account Guide.**

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Certificate Requirements: $500 minimum to open a regular certificate. Rates subject to change. Penalty for early withdrawal.

**This information should not be considered as advice. Please consult your tax advisor for information on your unique situation


Members get access to features like:

Six Star Checking

Earn certificate like rates on your balance each month

Traditional IRAs

Start Saving for your future with a personalized retirement plan.

Wealth Management

Get financial planning help from a certified consultant.