Fraud Protection

Debit and Credit Card Fraud Prevention

US Community Credit Union uses Fraud Prevention Services, to help protect our members from fraudulent activity on their credit and debit cards.

You may be notified by our Fraud Prevention Services that suspicious transactions, or transactions outside your normal spending pattern, have been noticed on your US Community Credit Union Visa® debit or credit card. Please be assured US Community Credit Union does have a Fraud Prevention strategy that monitors activity for normal and new fraud patterns.

If you are contacted, the automated system will verify your transaction information. If a fraudulent transaction has been attempted on your card, the card can then be blocked to eliminate further fraudulent transactions from being attempted. If you do not answer the call, a message will be left with a unique code specific to your account. Use this code when you call back as a way for our Fraud Prevention Services to identify your information. The system will never ask you for any personal information.

The valid numbers for our Fraud Prevention Services are listed below. Please contact us directly at 615-256-8712 if you have any questions on a phone call or message that you have received.

When Traveling: To insure your card is not restricted while you travel, please notify our office at 615-256-8712 or after branch hours please call 1-844-592-6409. We can note your account and help reduce the need for our Fraud Prevention Services to contact you due to a different spending pattern.

Credit Card notifications: 1-855-553-4290

Debit Card notifications: 1-866-750-9107 and 1-877-372-3495

You may want to save these numbers in your phone, so you will recognize these numbers if they ever come up on your phone.