Insurance quotes website has released a new blog post presenting the top 5 causes of car accidents in the United States and how these influences auto insurance prices.

Distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, mechanical problems, and bad weather conditions are the leading causes of car accidents in the United States.

Auto insurance prices are heavily influenced by the rate of car accidents. IF people in an area cause more accidents then, prices for that location will go up.

The website mentions having good insurance coverage when driving is very important, and drivers should always review their insurance options. This can now be done in a simple and efficient way by visiting

In order to get quotes, every visitor has to complete a simple quote form with information about their vehicles and driving history. This will help the search engine select relevant plans for each visitor. The rates for a policy will also be accurate, showing the actual price that drivers will have to pay.

Auto insurance is the most important investment a driver can make do it is worth checking available offers before signing a contract. Many customers, due to lack of time, pick the first plan they come across. Buying auto insurance without shopping for coverage and without researching is never a good idea.

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