Looking for the best place in town for enjoying a delectable night out? The days of flipping through the Yellow Pages or Googling “best local restaurants” are long gone. With more restaurant apps than pizza places in your neighborhood, you never have to second-guess a food chain again.

With so many apps out there, though, the choices can be confusing. To make it easier for you, we’ve given you the rundown on some of the most popular restaurant apps so you can truly make an informed decision.

Bon appétit!


Best use: Restaurant rating. With its enormous database of reviews and ratings on every restaurant, Yelp is a tremendously helpful app for anyone looking to grab a bite to eat.

Glaring glitches: Since it’s not a niche app, Yelp will not give you specific ratings on various parts of the restaurant experience. Also, with reviews written by its fan base, there are always going to be false write-ups that are never removed.


Best use: Restaurant rating and information. Zomato offers exact prices for a typical meal, along with separate scores on food, décor and service.

Glaring glitches: Not every restaurant will show up on Zomato.


Best use: Finding the perfect sit-down, mainstream restaurant near you.

Glaring glitch: Ratings don’t usually include fast-food joints and they’re not always current. Many also find the ratings system to be confusing.


Best use: Reserve tables at almost any eatery in town. A few taps, and you’re done!

Glaring glitches: OpenTable does not rate or review food establishments; it’s best to use it when you already know where you want to eat.


Best use: Finding the best restaurants near you. LocalEats has a much narrower database than its competitors, so the smaller local eateries won’t get lost in the shuffle. It also showcases menu items that have received rewards, giving you instant tips on the best picks in the house.

Glaring glitches: You won’t find every restaurant listed on LocalEats.


Best use: Reviewing pictures of the food served in a restaurant before making your choice.

Glaring glitches: Doesn’t offer many features aside from a gallery of food photos.


How they add up:

Your Turn: Do you have a favorite restaurant app? Share it with us, along with what you like or dislike, in the comments!