– Check the clothing care labels to account for maintenance issues.

– Wash your purchased garments before wearing them.

– Keep an eye out for clothing that still has a tag, as many people get rid of clothes without ever having worn them!

– Watch for small signs of wear, such as faded or thinning materials, small holes, or frayed hems/collars.

– Keep a look out for vintage classics!


– Assume something will fit without trying it on! Thrift stores carry a range of brands and each brand has their own sizing system. You may be a size six in one brand and an eight in another.

– Make the mistake of buying something just because it is affordable. It’s easy to go crazy at thrift stores because you can buy so much for so little, but you may get home and realize you don’t actually like everything you bought.

– Buy anything with stains, because they probably won’t come out!