Hobbies don’t need to be expensive. Here are nine great ideas to give you some downtime without breaking your budget.

  • Watch online documentaries. You’ll find programs on every topic, from your favorite historical era to your secret animal obsession.
  • Run. All you need is a pair of sneakers and you’re set!
  • Take up gardening. Buy a cheap packet of seeds, some fertilizer and basic gardening tools. Take out some gardening books from the library and get ready to discover your green thumb!
  • Scrapbook. Is there any better way to remember memorable events forever than by documenting them in a fun page of mementos, scrap materials and more?
  • Read. Curl up on the sofa with your warmest throw blanket and an extra-large cup of hot chocolate, and lose yourself in a thick novel. Borrow your books from your local public library or from friends for a completely cost-free hobby.
  • Volunteer. You can lend a hand in a soup kitchen, help sort clothing for the needy or offer to mentor a child. There are so many ways to volunteer!
  • Go camping. Camping is a fantastic, cheap hobby that will help you expand your comfort zone and tap into your inner nature-lover. You only need to splurge once on basic camping equipment – or you can borrow a tent from a friend.
  • Stargaze. There’s nothing like lying down on a blanket in middle of nowhere and losing yourself in the fathomless cosmos.
  • Write. Whether esoteric poetry is your thing or you love ranting endlessly about your biggest pet peeves, put pen to paper for a creative, cathartic release. Join a local writing club for some feedback, or start your own blog and share your opinions with the world!!