USCCU is happy to be offering Certificate and IRA specials to our members for a limited time only! These specials include:

* 14 Month Certificate Special ($1,000 minimum) 2.68% APY* – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

* 38 Month Traditional IRA Special ($1,000 Minimum) 2.93% APY* – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

* 38 Month Roth IRA Special ($1,000 Minimum) 2.93% APY* – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

A little bit on Certificates and IRAs

Both certificates and IRAs are great products to save money and prepare yourself for a more financially secure future.

Certificates are an excellent savings option, because they’re NCUA-insured, which gives you peace of mind in knowing your deposits are secure. Plus, they’ve got a better dividend rate than a savings account and they’re generally not as risky as the stock market. You can also “ladder” several certificates, so the mature dates are staggered allowing you to withdraw the money when you need it.

Our Traditional and Roth IRAs Certificates are specifically used to save more for retirement. While stocking away money for your retirement, an IRA can also save on your tax bill, but you’ll want to consult your tax professional for information based on your specific needs.

IRAs offer some flexibility. Withdrawals before retirement incur a tax penalty and other fees, but the money in an IRA is accessible in the case of emergency. There are also limits on the amount you can contribute to your IRA which are based on your income, age, and other variables.

Come in today and talk to a USCCU representative for more details on these specials.

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Rates current as of 10-1-2018.