Did you know you should be timing your shopping throughout the week? Each weekday brings its own special deals and savings. US Community Credit Union uncovered the ultimate cheat sheet for your weekly shopping.

Sunday: Large household appliances

Home improvement stores, like Lowe’s and Home Depot, tend to mark down their large appliances on Sundays. Items like washers and dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers tend to have lower price tags on Sundays – both in-store and online.

Monday: Cars and electronics

Car dealerships are busiest over the weekend, and the comparative quiet of a Monday will put you in a good position to negotiate a great price on a new car. Be sure to stop by US Community Credit Union, visit us online or give us a call to ask about our auto loans and get preapproved before you start shopping.

You’ll also want to shop for electronics on Monday, as stores like Best Buy offer exclusive manufacturer rebates each Monday, which can really lower the price of a product.

Tuesdays: Houses, airline travel and more

Tuesdays are the best weekday for making an offer on a house, particularly the first Tuesday of the month. This is when most home sellers review the activity surrounding their house from the prior month and are more open to accepting an offer that’s well lower than their asking price. Don’t forget to ask us about our Mortgage Loans if you are considering buying or selling!

If you’re looking to fly, book your flight on a Tuesday morning. According to data analyses performed by Skyscanner, airlines mark down flight prices by 15-25% late Monday evening. By Tuesday morning, competing airlines will offer matching or lower prices, giving you the best selection of affordable flights.

Wednesdays: Groceries, discounted apparel and fuel

The best time to shop for groceries is on Wednesday. Most supermarkets roll out their new sale events on this day, rearrange aisle endcaps and set out a fresh display of produce. They’ll also slap discounts on perishable products that are left over from the beginning of the week but are still days away from their sell-by dates. Shop early for the best pickings.

If you’re a fan of discounted quality clothing, you’ll want to hit TJ Maxx and Marshalls on Wednesday morning, as this is when these stores post their new markdowns.

Fill ‘er up on Wednesday! Weekly gas hikes will take effect over the weekend, often as early as Thursday morning.

Thursday: Clothing, shoes and handbags

Get first dibs on weekend clothing sales at big-name stores late on Thursday. Shop for matching footwear with in-store coupons, which also debut on Thursday. Then, complete your new look with a new handbag, which see online discounts each Thursday.

Friday: Accessories

Online accessories, like costume jewelry, belts, and scarves, see an average discount of 42 percent on Fridays.

Saturday: Yard sale treasures

Saturdays are prime time to pick up treasures at neighborhood yard sales. You’ll score the hottest deals later in the day when the owners are itching to get rid of their wares.