Earlier this week, Apple issued a statement urging all iPhone and iPad users to update their devices to the latest software version.

Apple released iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 after research suggested remote hackers were able to access certain iPhones, iPads, and iPods under the old software. Updating your device eliminates the risk and ensures your information and device stay protected.

Two Security Threats Identified by Apple

Two separate threats have been identified, and has Apple strongly advising all users to move forward with the software update as soon as possible.

One threat is tied to internet browsing, meaning your standard web browsing habits may put you at increased risk without the update. Attackers would be able to gain control of your device, and with that, access any personal or private information you have stored on your phone or iPad.

The second threat, and the one that is most concerning, is linked to the operating system of your device. If hackers gain access, they can potentially gain full access to your device and your information. They’ll steal whatever they need to compromise your identity, and then wipe the device, leaving it useless.

Apple Security states they have fully addressed these issues in the new iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 updates. They recommend setting your device to automatically update whenever a new software version becomes available to reduce any future risk or exposure.

Additional Information About the Apple iPhone Security Threat

To read more about this, please visit https://www.cbsnews.com/news/apple-update-iphone-security-ios-14-4/.