That’s right – selecting CREDIT when shopping with your USCCU debit card is not only an option, but a safer one at that! Protecting your information is our top-priority, and we encourage you to select credit at the register instead of entering a PIN number. When you use your debit card as credit, a card processing company assesses the merchant and validates your transaction, giving you added peace of mind while holiday shopping this year. Consider this:

Choosing CREDIT gives you extra security on your purchases.

Choosing this option eliminates the need for you to enter your PIN number when making purchases. Every time you enter your PIN, especially at gas stations and in busy stores, your information is susceptible to theft. Scammers have learned how to install PIN skimmers on card machines, enabling them to steal your PIN number and go shopping on your behalf. By selecting credit, no PIN is required – you simply sign to authorize the transaction. It is much harder for a hacker to steal a signature than a PIN number.

Selecting CREDIT grants you zero liability for fraudulent purchases.

Did you notice a transaction you didn’t authorize when looking at your account in online or mobile banking? If you chose to run the transaction as credit, you have given yourself added protection which will help when trying to get reimbursed for the unauthorized charge.

You will NEVER be charged interest or receive a bill for choosing CREDIT.

When you run your debit card transaction as CREDIT, the money is still taken directly from USCCU checking account, but the transaction will likely be marked as PENDING in online or mobile banking for 2-3 days while the transaction and merchant are verified for security purposes.

Of course, choosing credit while making your purchases will not help build your credit. If you are interested in this option our USCCU Rewards Credit Card would be the perfect choice for you.

What About Shopping Online?

You can use credit cards and debit cards to complete transactions online, but we remind you to be mindful of using your debit card when making online purchases. If you can, use a credit card for added security. Shop on trustworthy sites and avoid public hotspots when you can. These avenues are a scammers dream, and they are waiting for you to enter your personal information somewhere they can steal it.

Be vigilant this holiday season. Debit and credit card protections are only as helpful as you are watchful. Check your account balance and transactions as often as possible during the busy holiday season. You work hard for your money, and we are here to help you keep it safe!