If you’re looking for a financial institution to provide checking accounts (with low fees), saving accounts (with high returns), ATMs (across the nation), loans (with lower rates), and fewer (and lower) fees overall – a credit union is for you.

Credit unions are not-for-profit, member-owned, financial cooperatives whose core mission is serving their members. Our focus isn’t on returning money to shareholders like banks or catering to special interest groups.

Eighty years ago, the Federal Credit Union Act was signed into law–making it more efficient for credit unions to grow and thrive nationwide. And, they have: Today, the nation’s 6,700 credit unions hold more than $1 trillion in assets, and count over 100 million members.

For 65 years, US Community Credit Union has been proud to serve both our members and our community. Our dedication to member service is a top priority; every day, we work to make sure our members receive helpful, personalized service—and a better deal. We believe in the work we do, and we’re honored our members entrust us with their hard-earned money.

Credit unions are institutions that consumers and businesses in Tennessee can choose to be their best financial partner.

Visit US Community Credit Union and see how we can serve you!