There seems to be a new data breach happening every day, and more people are facing fraudulent credit accounts being opened in their name. With tensions high, credit bureaus have created simple apps that allow for added security amongst a world of identity thieves.

 Lock & Alert™ was created after the cybersecurity breach at Equifax® in order to give their customers confidence in who can access their credit report. Lock & Alert allows you to lock and unlock your credit report with the simple click of a button, and by the way it’s free for life. By locking your report, it denies access to potential creditors and lenders with a few exceptions. It cannot be used to lock your credit report with Experian or TransUnion, only Equifax.

Both Experian® and TransUnion® offer similar products. Experian has an app called CreditLock that offers credit protection at no additional cost when you are an Experian CreditWorks℠ member (make sure to check Experian’s website for pricing on the CreditWorks platform). You can use a similar software with TransUnion called TrueIdentity which is also free and allows you control over who is accessing your credit information.

You are able to sign up for Lock & Alert even if you have a security freeze on your credit report, but you will need to get rid of that freeze prior to using its features. Your credit report will automatically be locked after you remove a freeze.

Products like these are a great way to protect your account against any unwanted access to your credit information. Just download the app and you’re ready to go. Being on the safe side has never been easier!