People often pair convenience with money. In other words, if you want to save time, it’ll cost you. Here are five ways to prove it isn’t so.

1. Mainstream your salad prep. You don’t have to buy pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables to save time. Simply have a marathon cutting session at the beginning of the week, rinsing, slicing and dicing all the vegetables you’ll want to include in your salads throughout the week. Store in airtight containers in the fridge and enjoy the convenience all week long!

2. Get your workouts while cleaning. Yes, you can multitask and skip the expensive exercise class! Do your lunges while vacuuming, always squat when checking the oven or picking up toys, lift all grocery bags yourself, and – if you need to get from one side of the house to another – jog to get there. And, of course, walk to all nearby errands instead of driving the car.

3. Don’t buy the frozen pancake mix. Instead, once a month, mix up a huge batch of pancake batter and freeze separately in single-breakfast-sized containers. You can do this for nearly everything you make often and save yourself a ton of time.

4. Skip those annoying runs to the grocery for one missing ingredient. Keep a small marker-board on the fridge and write down each ingredient you need as soon as you’ve used it up.

5. Make all your bill-pays automatic. You’ll never make a late payment again and you won’t have the hassle of remembering when each one of your bills is due.