US Community Credit Union representatives are always out serving our community. Here a local teacher is being presented the US Community Credit Union Teacher of the Year Award.

US Community Credit Union is honored to receive the Editor’s Choice™ Award for Community Commitment from

“In a Nutshell: US Community Credit Union has maintained a presence in the Nashville area since its founding in 1949. Over the years, the credit union has expanded its reach and currently serves five counties in Tennessee. And USCCU makes it a point to give back to the areas it serves. The organization works with area students through a number of financial literacy initiatives including a training academy that teaches high school seniors how to run a credit union. The credit union also supports the community through event sponsorships and donations, including raising more than $300,000 for a local children’s hospital. Because of its dedication to its residents, we are recognizing US Community Credit Union with our Editor’s Choice™ Award for Community Commitment.”


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Our Editor’s Choice™ Award is essentially an accolade given out at the sole discretion of our internal team and is based strictly on merit. We regularly speak with credit unions and banks around the country and particularly look for signs of helping consumers and bettering the communities in which they serve, whether through financial products and services, financial literacy, or various community engagements, and found US Community Credit Union to be a standout institution in this regard.