*Edit as of 11:40 am 6/9/2021: Issues affecting Debit Card Purchases, Shared Branching, and Zelle Transactions have been resolved. ATM Withdrawals are currently still limited.

USCCU Members,

We are aware of an issue impacting Debit Card Purchases, ATM Withdrawals, Shared Branching, and Zelle Transactions. Withdrawal and transaction amounts have been temporarily reduced. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and thank you for your patience.

At this time, members are able to withdraw $50 at an ATM, and conduct purchases no less than $200 for point of sale and signature transactions.

We encourage you to visit our branch drive-thru and lobby locations for assistance, as they are unaffected by this service and transaction interruption.

We will update our notices when the issue has been resolved. Please call US at 615-256-8712 or send an email to info@usccu.org with any questions.

Thank you.