A woman reviewing paperwork and using a computer to access GreenPath Financial Wellness to create her budget.

The holiday season has arrived! Be sure to download the new USCCU Credit Card App so you can take control of your credit card account from anywhere, at anytime.

Have big travel plans?

Use the USCCU Credit Card app to set up travel notifications without ever having to call the branch.

The process is easy — watch our HOW TO video for step-by-step instructions and use your card with confidence while on the road! You can monitor your card at any time from the convenience of your smart phone.

Other App Features:

  • View Credit Card Information
  • Make a Payment, View Payment Due Date, Minimum Balance Due, Available Credit, and Payment History
  • Set Up Text & Email Alerts Based on Transaction Types & Spending Limits
  • Lock & Unlock the Card
  • Mark the Card Lost or Stolen
  • Set Up Spending Controls
  • Set Up Travel Notifications
  • Dispute Transactions Directly Through the App

For more information and questions about the new USCCU credit card app, or if you need additional assistance, please call US at 615-256-8712.

Traveling Using Your USCCU Debit Card

If you are planning to use your USCCU debit card while traveling, in addition to your credit card, you do need to notify us of your travel. Please send an email to info@usccu.org or call 615-256-8712 so we can mark your account accordingly.