Skip the potentially longer phone wait times and use Online Banking to track your Stimulus Payment.

Congress recently passed the second COVID-19 relief package, which includes additional stimulus payments for Americans. Payments have already begun arriving and should follow a similar process as the previous round.

When payment was issued back in April, our Member Service Line call volume increased dramatically as members tracked the status of the payment to their account, and if the payment had not yet been received, they were eager to know when they could expect to see it. While we do not control how and when payments arrive to our members, we want to assist you through this process however we can.

To avoid those potentially longer wait times, we encourage you to login to Online Banking for quick and easy access to your account. This will allow you to confirm whether you have received your stimulus deposit from the federal government without ever having to pick up the phone. If you are expecting a payment and do not see it in your account when you login, please visit

What’s Different this Time?

The second-round package has some differences from what was issued back in April. Let us look at a couple significant changes:

  • The amount is smaller – $600 per adult, and $600 per child in a household
  • Higher earners may receive smaller payments. If your Adjusted Gross Income from your 2019 tax returns is more than $75,000 for an individual, or $150,000 for joint filers, than your payment will be lower than the $600 stated above.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my stimulus payment arrive?

Congress is still finalizing details, but some payments were sent out this week. To track the status of your payment, please visit

Where will my stimulus payment be sent?

Your payment will be issued in the same manner as the previous stimulus payment. If you received a direct deposit to your checking or savings account then, this payment should also come in that form. If you received a check or prepaid debit card back in April, you will likely receive this payment in that format as well.

What if my address or account number has changed?

Please visit the Get My Payments page on the IRS website for answers to your questions and to verify your information with the IRS.

How do I know when my stimulus payment has been received?

No specific date for payments has been announced, so we encourage you to take advantage of our Online Banking services to track when the payment has hit your account.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate these challenging times together. We appreciate your membership at USCCU. Please give US a call at 615-256-8712 with any further questions.