A new scam is circulating through the Middle Tennessee area targeting members and customers of area financial institutions. Please take a few moments to read about it so you don’t fall victim to their tactics.


Residents are receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be either from their Financial Institutions Fraud Department or McAfee™ Security Software Company. During the course of the call, the fraudster claims there has been suspicious activity noted on the member or customers account, and to avoid financial loss and for financial protection, funds must be immediately withdrawn from the account and invested into Bitcoin. Those targeted are then visiting their institutions to withdraw the funds and make the investments. 


If you withdraw funds and invest them into this fake Bitcoin platform, your funds are gone!


US Community Credit Union does have a Fraud Department, HOWEVER:

  • We will NEVER contact you with advice or recommendations on investment opportunities.
  • We will NOT advise you on what steps you must take to invest your money into Bitcoin, or prevent financial loss. 
  • We will NEVER call and ask you for your account number. 

If we suspect fraudulent activity on your account, we will contact you and ask for verification of recent purchases, confirm you still have your debit or credit cards in your possession, and work with you if fraud is detected.   

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from US Community Credit Union and you are uncertain whether you are speaking to US, simply hang up and call US directly at 615-256-8712. Scams are getting more and more creative these days, and we encourage you to be mindful of phone calls, emails, and even text messages before taking any action. Let US know if we can answer any questions, or provide support in any way.